Gaming links
Links regarding gaming, game theory, and other such entertainments.

I'm an avid player of games, and have always been interested in game design, game theory, and everything related to games. Here are some links I've collected.



The Official United States Handball Association Handball Rules
1999-2000 Official Racquetball Rules
Hex Line of Sight
GameSpot Presents Computer Gaming World
PC Strategic Games FAQ
Usenet FAQs: Games
Tabletop Projection :: Pen, Paper, & Pixel

Abstract games

Forio Business Simulations | Price Strategy Simulator | Price War Simulation


The Nomic FAQ
InterNomic Home Page
Net Nomic Database
Peter Suber, "Nomic"

Card games


Copagcards - Quality 100% plastic Copag cards at unbeatable prices!
Card Games Card games
The House Of Cards
Ruffled by the Shuffle
The Set Game Company Homepage


Glossaries - Dan's Poker Dictionary
rec.gambling Glossary of Poker Terms
Poker Glossary
Poker Pages: Poker Info: Poker Glossary
Poker Dictionary - Poker Planet Online Game

Online games


Aces Cracked - Play Poker. Talk Poker.
Online poker community, message board and poker tournament host.

IRC-based systems

IRC Poker Software
Poker Bots: Online Poker Protocol (v1.1)
IRC Poker Database
An IRC poker dealing program :: The Internet's #1 Poker Community
Poki Poker Online
Poki's Poker Academy
Paradise Poker
..:: GamesGrid ::..
MANSION is the premiere online gaming entertainment company offering a sports betting exchange, sportsbook, online casino, mobile casino and poker. MANSION offer sports betting odds and sports betting lines on all major sports. Bet person to person with our sports betting exchange. Online betting available for NFL football, college football, NBA basketball, college basketball, English Premier Leauge soccer, baseball, and more. Online casino games include blackjack, slots, video poker, baccarat, roulette, and keno. Poker and Speed Poker coming soon.
What is Your PokerIQScore?
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Rules and variants

Some Poker Variants - Over 1,000 Home Poker Games and Variations
The Poker Page
Rules of Card Games: Invented Poker Variations
Fun Stuff Poker Games
Mike's Poker Pages
How to Play Poker: Variants
Erich's Poker Variants
The Game of Faro - History & Rules for the King of Old West Card Games
Home Poker Tourney - Poker dealer button rules and help
Poker Tournament Directors Association


Poker Odds Calculator (
Poker Charts - Improve your poker strategy and skills through accurate record keeping
Welcome To Poker Tracker
hand collective ♥ ♠ home ♣ ♦ party poker, poker stars, poker now, & empire poker player database.
SharkScope - The Largest Online Poker Tournament Results Database
PokerStove: Poker Software and Analysis


The Poker Chip Company
ConJelCo: Gambling Products and Services

Discussion forums newsgroup
Two Plus Two Publishing FAQ - Index
Poker Hand Nicknames
Search Poker Book Reviews
Low Limit Hold 'em Strategy and Tactics
U of A Computer Poker Research Group
PokerPages - Poker Articles, Tournament Results, & Poker Room Directory
Poker Zone Home
Erich's Poker Page
Introducing the Host Program
PokerPulse Home Page
Bonus Whores - The Guide to Online Poker Bonuses & Poker Room Reviews
Fair and Balanced Poker Math for the Masses
Paul Phillips
Home Poker Games - Listings of home poker games
Internet Texas Holdem Mac OS X Con: Run Your Own Software Business
The Art Of Poker | Poker Strategy

Eleusis, New Eleusis, & Eleusis Express

Notes for New Eleusis
New Eleusis
Eleusis and Eleusis Express
Eleusis Express


Some "Sleeping Beauty" postings
rec.puzzles FAQ

Wargames & board games


The Wargamer - Home Page
Steve Jackson Games: Dealers In Out-Of-Print Games
Web-Grognards: the site for wargames on the web
Boone's Gaming Home Page


The Ultimate Blitz Chess Strategy Guide
StartChess - The Chess Portal
Portable Game Notation (PGN): Specification
MECCA - Chess Encyclopedia FAQ
OMEGA CHESS - The Next Evolution of Chess!
Index page of The Chess Variant Pages
Kasparov Chess
Fischer Random Chess / Chess960 / FullChess
Platonic Chess by Patricia Tower » Yanko Design


The Inspiracy
Nomography main page

Axis & Allies

Axis and Allies - International Axis and Allies Players Association (IAAPA) Home Page
The Axis and Allies WWW Resource

Full Thrust

Indy's Full Thrust Page
Full Thrust


Lutz's Web Pages: Victory
Columbia's Victory


XFrisk homepage
FAQ for the board game Risk
Risk FAQ

Full Thrust

The Unofficial Full Thrust WWW Page
Full Thrust FAQ v1.0


Interview with Matt Olsen & Marvin Lamb of Radikus
SDS Starfire Site! Welcome to Starfire...
Mavik Felna's Starfire Home Page.
Kevin's Starfire Page
The Task Force Games Catalog and Order Form

Dark Tower

The Dark Tower Page


Ogre FAQ
Pyramid - The Best in Gaming
Deluxe Ogre
Ogre: Welcome to the 21st Century!

Ogre Universe

Pyramid Magazine: The Factory States
The Last War
Andrew's Ogre Page


Illuminati: New World Order
Illuminati Home Page

Full Metal Planet

Full Metal Planet, the parlour game of Ludodelire, is a stategic play, for 2 to 4 players. The site introduce this game and makes it possible to play on the web.
Full Metal Planet
Ad Astra Games
Clash of Arms
Dark Stars
Landseer Strategy Board Game
Diplomacy-Archive Homepage
The Complete Wargames Handbook
Federation and Empire
FEUDAL on the HP3000

Play-by-mail/email games

Galaxy Next Generation
Flying Buffalo, Inc.
E-Mail Games
Shadow Island Games
Empire PBeM Index Page
Play by Email (PBeM) & Play by Mail (PBM) List Index

Game design & game development

The Game AI Page: Building Artificial Intelligence into Games
Ludum Dare - Independent Game Development News and Information
Game Design Web Sites
V8 Adventure Game Engine Website
Moo Moo Mutants: Subversive
Game Design Web Sites
Mark Hughes: Game Design and Development
Clues for a General Game Design Methodology
Amit's Game Programming Information
The Game AI Page: Building Artificial Intelligence in Games
Game Design 101
Universal Combat Engine FAQ

Roleplaying games

The d20 System


GameWyrd RPG Reviews - CORPS: Diceless Conspiracy Roleplaying
Unofficial CORPS FAQ
Blacksburg Tactical Research Center


GURPS: Generic Universal RolePlaying System
Jonathan's Corner: The Minstrel's Song

Game theory

Gambit Game Theory Analysis Software and Tools
Game Theory .net
Chronology of Game Theory
Combinatorial Game Theory
Al Roth's Game Theory and Experimental Economics Page
Minesweeper game (clones including analysis) by Dave Rusin
Properties of Dice

Coin-operated video games

Coin-Operated Video Arcade Machines - The Killer List of Videogames (KLOV)
Time Crisis - Yesterdayland Arcade Games
GameArchive: Atari Major Havoc
- is a large collection of data pertaining to the collection and archiving of arcade video game and pinball information.
MAME - The official Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator site

Console game system


PS2 Fruit - Cheats - Time Crisis II
WipeoutZone – fan site of the anti-gravity racing game series

Nintendo 64

Starfox 64 Cheats & Hints - Game Revolution

Game Boy series

Advance Wars

Advance Wars By Web v2.0
Advance Wars - Wikibooks
KiGB : The GameBoy Emulator : Downloads
VisualBoyAdvance Homepage
GBA Transverter Review by Konstantin Khanyants
Battery Pak 3 In 1 -- GameBoy Advance Accessories - home


Atari 2600 & 5200


Warren Robinett's Home Page
AtariAge - Atari 2600 - Adventure (Atari)
Adventure Bitmap
Adventure for the Atari 2600
Atari Adventure
Adventure II - $40.00 : AtariAge - Store
AtariAge - Store Adventure II - You’ve heard the stories from long ago. Stories of an adventurer, who braved dragons and dangerou
Atari 5200 Adventure II
Atari 5200 Adventure II
AtariAge - Have You Played Atari Today? The Museum - Atari 5200 FAQ
Cloak and Dagger inside story
Atari Gaming Headquarters -- Atari 5200 SuperSystem Home Page
The SwordQuest Comic Book Archive


The Vectrex Game Library
Vectrex ftp archive
Spike's Big Vectrex Page
Vectrex Resource Center
Presenting images, original text, sounds, opinions and more, about the first and only self-contained vector-graphic home gaming system: THE VECTREX
The Classic Video Games Cartridge List Server
IntyOS - An Operating System for the Intellivision
PONG-Story - Welcome
Halcyon Days - Contents
Intellivision: Utopia
Classic Gaming Creations
Home Video Games Homepage

Hand-held electronic games

Parker Brothers Merlin

Computer games


GameSpot Presents: A History of Space Empire Games
Quarter to Three
Bot Epidemic || At the forefront of bot developments Internet Sports and Gaming Network
QUB: The Q Universal Boardgame
MobyGames - A PC Game Software Historical Archive, Documentation, and Review Project
Gaming Timelines
PC Strategic Games FAQ
The Gaming Depot --
Tapestry Home Page
Gamesdiction - The Computer Games Dictionary!
Ultimate Gaming Resource


Physically Based Modeling
Pixar Research - Physically Based Modeling

Bot contests

JROBOTS - Java Programming Battles since 1999
Open Championship Computer Roshambo 2003


RealTimeBattle Homepage
::rtb::RDB:: [robots database]


Open Directory - Games: Video Games: Titles: C: CoreWar
Core War
King of the Hill Homepage

Cheats & walkthroughs

Gamezilla Cheats, Hints, & Walkthroughs
Game Not Over



Roguelike reviews
Roguelike Game Jargon
The Roguelike Graphics Page
Roguelike News - Main
The Roguelike games webring
Roguelike Stuff
Yahoo! Clubs roguelikegames
The Roguelike Games Homepage
Roguelike News - FAQs
Roguelike Games - Index
Roguelike games
A Brief History of "Rogue" newsgroup


Magic System Design Checklist
Simugraph game development library
QHack (How to write a roguelike game) newsgroup

Ancient Dungeons of Mastery

ADOM Central - The Official Website
Australian ADOM Homepage


Raphael Quinet's Crossfire pages
Crossfire frequently-asked questions
Frank Tore Johansen's Crossfire pages
City University's Crossfire archive


The Omega Home Page
eGroups : omega-dev
Omegan Nation
The Omega official distribution page
The Omega Homepage
omega For Windows

Hack & Nethack

The NetHack Home Page
3V's Nethack Page


Xenocide roguelike homepage. NEWS
GearHead - Mechanical Fantasy Construction Kit
Dungeondweller -
Rogue 3.6
SourceForge: Project Info - HackNet
Roguelike News II
Mark Hughes: Umbra
Stronghold roguelike homepage
Kharne: The Revelation
Roguelike Restoration Project
Guide to Roguelike Games - Index
Claw and Sword
Nethermost Wanderings 0.1.0
The Larn Home Page
The UnReal World RPG
The Official OVER Homepage
MAngband - Official Home
Ragnarok homepage
Linley's Dungeon Crawl
DOOM, the RogueLike
Incursion: The Official Homepage
The Nameless Roguelike
Kongregate free online game The Nameless Roguelike - A nameless roguelike game, where your smiley face tries to slaughter the whole alphabet in sea.... Play The Nameless Roguelike

First-person shooters

QStat - Quake and Game Server Status
QSTAT Config Maker

Battlefield series

Battlefield SinglePlayer - Website
Battlefield 1942: How do I use the console commands? - Battlefield 1942 Command List
STATIC3D.COM: Battlefield 1942 posters ::
the Junkyard: All Maps main page [BF1942 Linux bug tracking]
Battlefield Central | // Console Help
Battlefield 1942


Welcome to the home of BattleGroup42 - A Battlefield 1942 Mod
Desert Combat
Battlefield 2 - BattleWiki
Battlefield Official Community Site - Planet Battlefield
Battlefield 1942 Server Commands - The Numbers Behind Battlefield 2 - UBAR The Unofficial Battlefield 2 Awards and Ranks Guide

Unreal Tourmanent & 2003 FAQ
Unreal® Tournament 2003
Unreal Tournament

Aliens vs. Predator & Aliens vs. Predator 2

Aliens vs. Predator 2 FAQ
Open Directory - Games: Video Games: Genres: Shooter: Aliens Versus Predator
Aliens vs Predator Network
Aliens Versus
Aliens vs. Predator walkthrough

Wolfenstein series

Setting Up etded on Linux
ET Pro - The Enemy Territory Competition Mod
shrubmod for Enemy Territory: Online Documentation
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Statistics
Enemy Territory :: Wolfenstein: ET Resource Site
PlanetWolfenstein - A Member of the GameSpy Network
Linux Return To Castle Wolfenstein FAQ
Directory of /idstuff/wolf/linux
GameSpot: PC Hints: Return to Castle Wolfenstein Console Commands
Wolfenstein Xtreme
Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Half-Life & Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike 2D
Counter-Strike 2D
:: amx mod ::
Counter-Strike Report
Counter-Strike Blacklist :: Are you listed?
KKrcon - adults only counter-strike
Counter-Strike - Condition Zero
Counter-Strike Immortals - Scripting
Network 42 Professional CounterStrike
Psycho Stats
CSMaps @ - Map Archive
Setting-up a Counter-Strike Server
HLstats - Real-time player and clan rankings and statistics for Half-Life
Counter-Server: Basic Linux Server Setup
Counter-Server: The Official CS Server Admin Resource
Counter-Strike Manual
The official Counter-Strike web site


LB Home Page -- A Counter-Strike Clan


Custom Maps for =CsN= CS Server
Army of Angels: Maps
shogun's CS maps
Squall's CS maps
International Pain Counter-Strike Server Network: maps
C S - M A P S . U S - Brought to you by Fast Lane
CServer Maps - Downloads Page
BlackHawkDown map
GameScoop Online games: Counter-Strike
CS-MAPS @ Online gaming;
Counter-Strike Map Downloads
Counter-Map, The Official Counter-Strike Mapping Resource
Daniel's cs mapping page

Rats maps

Ratspocalypse now
Map Packs
Nemesis's Moonshine Maps - Half-Life maps and more
Rats! more than your tiny brain can handle.
Easter in cs_mice_final


.bot central - Counter-Strike bots
RamboT... The Official Resource!
Counter-Strike BOTS
CSBots @ Planet Half-Life
Taz's Waypoints for PODBot
Pod Bot for CS

Anticheat measures

UA - HLGuard
PunkBuster Online Countermeasures

Admin Mod Version 2.50 Documentation
Admin Scripts News
AdminMod Plugins
Half-Life Admin Mod

Map creation

Counter-Map Tutorial: Worldcraft 3.3 from the beginning, by Lacos
Counter-Map Tutorial: Making Your First Map With WorldCraft 3.3, by Guy_Montag

Other mods

Natural Selection
Day of Defeat: Half Life Modification
Science and Industry

Half-Life 2 & Counter-Strike: Source

BeetleFart's Minimum Admin mod for CS:Source
Garry's Half-Life 2 Mod v6b
The Half Life Saga Story Guide
CUGY Forums - CounterStrike Dedicated Linux Server
Welcome to Eternal Silence
Half-Life 2: Awakening

Quake series

SCTA - Super Configurable Team Arena
Quake bot: Pandora Bot, client-side Quake bot
Tricking Quake3 Arena - Trickjumping
Unofficial Quake Network Protocol Specs v1.01b
Linux Quake III Arena Known issues
Quake3 Tutorials and Stuff
More Server Help
Quake 3 Server Setup Guide
Linux Quake III Arena Known issues
What Quake Monster Are You?
Quake done Quick
ThreeWave CTF - All Your Base Are Made By Us
Threewave - Capture the Flag
Quake III: Team Arena FAQ
Quake III Arena FAQ
3D Gamers - Quake III Arena Quake3
Quake 3 Arena
Quake III Arena Dedicated Server Documentation
Quake 3 Server Setup Guide
[ ..::LvL - Q3A edition ]
John's Quake 3 Arena
QStat - Quake and Game Server Status
x11Spy - The Quake3Arena server ping tool
Champions League for Quake - CLQ
Blue's News Quake 3 Resources
The Quake 3 Arena Resource
Quake Arena
Quake3:Arena - Welcome to!
Quake3:Arena - Q3A Console Commands and Variables -

Quake I


Quake II

Q2 LNX stuff
aaquake2 - Text Mode Quake II


orange smoothie productions
ThreeWave CTF - All Your Base Are Made By Us
Quake III Rally
Official True Combat
Alliance Games - for Quake 3
The Official Urban Terror Web site
Rocket Arena
Q3F - Power through Teamplay
Excessive Plus
Excessive Plus for Quake III Arena, Quake IV


The Page of Doom
Master Levels for Doom II
Doom Underground - Level Maps to Download
Doom Underground
The Doomoscope
The All-Time Best Doom Levels
Karthik's Doom Pages - WAD Reviews for Doom and Doom II - Index
Ricrob's Place - Play some DooM
Client/Server Doom
DOOMHELP.HTM: Puzzle Solutions For Doom Games
Karthik's Doom Pages - Doom Cheat Codes List
ethhoack's doom demos Doom Monsters
Linux DOOM FAQ Support for Console and PC Classic Doom Games
Martian Buddy!
Doom 3: Video Disks
Doom 3: Video Disks

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Official Community Site
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars 4 Newbies
Stroyent - Nutritious & Shootlicious! - 100% Human Meat, nutritious and shootlicious. Processed from humans for good shooting and better eating.
America's Army
Gore First Person Shooter by 4D Rulers
Welcome to


Guides: Advance Wars Guide (GBA)
Galactic Civilizations - The definitive space based strategy game
Guns, Germs & Steel: Tools of Conquest
Civilization III
Official Imperium Galactica II Homepage
Starships Unlimited
Reach for the Stars Home Page
Space Empires IV
Spaceward Ho!
Thousand Parsec
PC Gamer Blog: GalCiv 2 War Report: Final Entry - PC Gamer Magazine

Fighter & space fighter simulation

Escape Velocity series

Escape Velocity: Official Web Site


Freelancer preview on
Freelancer screenshots
Lancers Reactor: Where Simulation is only the Beginning

FreeSpace series

FreeSpace 2 - Game Guide at MakeItSimple
FreeSpace 2
FreeSpace News
FreeSpace Watch - Part of the Volition Watch Network

X - Beyond the Frontier series

X^2: The Threat
Mogsy 's X Beyond the Frontier Support Base
X-Tension FAQ
X - Beyond The Frontier

Independence War series

Edge Of Chaos Mods
Independence War II - Edge of Chaos - Community
Gameplay FAQ - Independence War 2
Starship Repulse: News
Edge Of Chaos Online
Independence War Paper Models
Site with downloadable paper model kits of space craft from the Independence War game series.

Battlecruiser hijinx

Open Directory - Games: Video Games: Action: Space Combat: Battlecruiser Series: Anti-Battlecruiser Series
loonygames' Guest Editorial: Derek Smart
Flame War Follies
Vega Strike: Main Page
Home - Thunder&Lightning
Freehauler Home

Real-time strategy

Homeworld Shipyards - the number one source for all things Starcraft
Dyson [FINISHED] [2nd patch]
Dyson [FINISHED] [2nd patch]
Dyson [FINISHED] [2nd patch]
gate 88 - multiplayer action rts
Gate 88 is a multiplayer action-oriented strategy game inspired by Herzog Zwei, Star Control, Subspace, Homeworld, and Parsec47.


Need for Speed series

Motor City Online
Need for Speed Web site


Wipeout Fusion
Wipeout World
Wipeout Zone


Starflight & Starflight II

Starport Central -- Home of Starflight III
The Starflight & Starflight 2 Fan Page
Starflight Command
Bones' Starflight Page


Download TradeWars 2 by Chris Sherrick and John Morris
Tradewars: Multiplayer Online Game (MPOG) at


Castle Adventure

Castle Adventure - TheGame
Classic Gaming: Castle Adventure

Elite, Frontier, & Frontier: First Encounters

Frontier First Encounters : The Elite Club
Life on the Frontier
Frontier First Encounters: Alioth Network
Frontier: First Encounters System Guide
Frontier First Encounters Art Page
The Elite Club
Jades' Elite Four Page
Jades' First Encounters Site
The EliteProject
The Elite Ring
Frontier Developments
Oolite - Retro space gaming with modern technology
Yikes Station! Frontier Elite 2 Fansite
Yikes Station: Frontier Elite 2 Fansite
Tom Morton's beloved Website!
A website dedicated to astronomy and the worlds of Frontier Elite 2/Frontier First Encounters.
JJFFE Central

Star Control

The Pages of Now & Forever - All About Star Control
R-man's Starcontrol Page
Welcome to the #StarControl Homepage
Walk-Thru for Star Control II
Star Control II
Star Control II walkthrough
Star Control II Solve
GURPS Star Control
The Ur-Quan Masters


Ultima I
Ultima Dragons -- Internet Chapter
Underworld Dragon's Notable Ultima
Open Directory - Games: Video Games: Roleplaying: U: Ultima Series

Ultima III: Exodus

Ultima 3 for the Gameboy Color
Exodus: Ultima III
Ultima III FAQ
Ultima III - Exodus
Ultima 3: Exodus - Walkthrough
Exodus: Ultima III
Ultima III Walkthrough
Phosphor-Dot Fossils: Exodus: Ultima III
Ultima 3: Exodus Cheats & Hints - Game Revolution
Welcome to the Ultima 3: Exodus Shrine
Open Directory - Games: Video Games: Roleplaying: U: Ultima Series: Ultima III - Exodus
Welcome to the Ultima 3: Exodus Shrine
The Ultima 3: Exodus Shrine - Your source for info on this classic
Ultima III - The Codex of Editable Wisdom, a Wikia wiki for Ultima and Ultima Online
Ultima III: Exodus, is the third game in the series, and the last installment of the "Age of Darkness" trilogy. It was published and released in 1983 by Origin (their first game actually) for the Apple II, C64, Atari 8bit and IBM-PC. Later ports for the Macintosh, Atari ST and Amiga with enhanced graphics followed.
Ultima Map Index


SDL Sopwith
Sopwith dot org

ZZT & MegaZeux

the land of zzt
Norris' Megazeux and ZZT Page
zzt.archive - ZZT Help - Reference manual


EMPIRE, Wargame of the Century (tm)
Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition
Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021
Tandy (TRS-80) Color Computer Games
Welcome to Avatar!!
Digger - Back and Digitally Remastered
Classic Computer Game: Star Trek
Dopewars 1.4.4
Dope Wars
The Oldskool PC Guide to Getting Old Software Running on Newer PCs
Pete's Hard Nova stuff
Pete's walkthroughs and data for the Hard Nova sci-fi CRPG

Roleplaying games

Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates: Home

Web games


Free Online Gaming Network
Galactic Traveller
Free Online Multiplayer Interactive Games
Games You Can Play on the WWW
Online Magazine: Interactive Web Games
Game Downer: Live Web games
Multiplayer Dot Com Home
Access Denied - Web Games
Open Directory - Games: Webgames
Online Games Library
Web Games City
Zarf's List of Interactive Games on the Web
Yahoo! Recreation:Games:Computer Games:Internet Games:Web Games
Open Directory - Games: Internet: Browser Based: Strategy

Stellar Crisis

Login: SC 3.2.9 @ Lugdunum Stellar Crisis
Chamber Conflict
Stellar Crisis Clan Wars
Stellar Crisis Room
Stellar Crisis Central
Stellar Carnage
Stellar Crisis FAQ

Idea Futures

Foresight Exchange
Idea Futures - The Concept
Jennifer Government: NationStates
Andromeda Online - A Strategic Starship Battle Game
PlaySite 3.0
Fun Authority - Free Online Multiplayer Games and Jokes
Galactic Emperor Hegemony
Imperial Conflict
Territories 3069: Star Siege
Solar Empire Beta
TEQ Terra Est Quaestuosus - Strategy Webgame
Space Empires
Merchant Empires
Starship Traders Webgame
Welcome to Planetarion
Prowler Productions: Home of the Lunatix Multiplayer Game!
S. P. Q. R. - An Ancient Adventure in Rome
MSN Gaming Zone
Imperial Wars
Sometimes Y - Free Chat Game
Star Masters
Online Space Station Game
New World Games Home
Funcom - Multiplayer gaming area!
Echelon Games
Galaxy PBW home page
Monkey Play Games
BU's Interactive WWW Games
Jennifer Government: NationStates
Edge Of Chaos Online - Home
Advance Wars By Web 2.0
Brewster Jennings Protects America: The Google Map Hunt Game
OGame - Top online game. Command your fleet.
Ferion - A space game
Universe - The Ultimate Space Strategy Game
The Great Green Web Game
Coffee Break Arcade
Aevum Obscurum
Yahoo! Games
Planetary Hoppers
Link's house O games
Yagga official portal
Gamelan: Earthweb's Java Directory
Peg Deluxe - Home of Intergalactics!
Cyber Nations, an online nation simulation game
Cyber Nation is a free online nation simulation game build around Google Maps that allows you to create your nation anywhere in the world, decide how you will rule your people, and build your empire by purchasing infrastructure, land, military.
Duels - Challenge other players in head-to-head strategic battles. Customize your avatar with thousands of items, skills, and attributes. Get started immediately for free.
Unification Wars Official Website ... Free Online Web Games ... Massive Online Strategy Games (Game Server 0)
Space Federation is a Free Game, web based MMOG or Massive Multiplayer Online Game. Features include research, explore, colonize, warfare, alien races etc.

Parodies & spoofs

Progress Quest
Idle RPG


Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto 3
GTA Warehouse :: What do you want to steal today? :: Your #1 Grand Theft Auto Source
MultiTheftAuto : blue - The revolutionary new multiplayer core


The History of Netrek
Netrek Continuum - Netrek Home Page
Newbie Server Tutorial
Netrek Newbie Manual
Client Of Win (COW)


DEFCON - Introversion software
Defcon: the Third Game by Introversion Software
Oasis | Mind-Control
The XPilot Page
Domino On Acid - Natural Deduction Visualised
Crimsonland FAQ
C r i m s o n l a n d
Orbiter - A free space flight simulator
Apollo Lunar Landing Mission Tutorial
Outpost 31: The Ultimate The Thing Web site
The glTron Homepage
3rd World - space massive multiplayer game system
Worms 2 (US mirror)
Starfleet Universe - The Official SFC2 Fan Site!
The Sims in The News
The Conquest Homepage
Lost in Flat Space
Crayon Physics
Narbacular Drop
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