People links
Links to people I've bumped into.

Here are links to people I respect and like that I know or have encountered on the Internet (mostly through Usenet, in groups such as or sci.astro).


Bill Arnett
Mr. Arnett has created some attractive and informative pages, including The Nine Planets, and The Web Nebulae.
Michael Ash
John Baez
Aaron Bergman
This is another one of those guys from that tends to correct me, and I don't mind it at all.
Jim Carr
Dr. Carr is a theoretical nuclear physicist at the Supercomputer Computations Research Institute at Florida State University.
Winchell Chung
This is another guy I bump into on (you'd think that's the only place I post). Among other things, Winchell had the opportunity to do some illustrations for the popular paper wargame, Ogre, a game which I played a lot as a kid.
William Clifford
Will's another contributor; I also chat with him fairly regularly.
Peter Crandall
Peter's an old friend.
Jason Fabbri
Jason's another good friend (who also knows Peter Crandall) and also runs Daytripping, a very clever premise for a website.
James Francis
Yep, it's my brother. As you can probably tell, he likes anime (I used to when I was younger, but got tired of it). Of special interest is his Dark Tower page, a fanpage for an old Milton-Bradley game that we enjoyed a great deal as kids.
Lauren Francis
And my sister. I have no idea where the name "Wee Kelpie" came from. And as you can probably tell by now, my brother and sister got all the illustration skill in the family -- though maybe she could stand to cut down on the Star Trek stuff. :-)
Robert George
It's Really.
Mark "Red" Harlan
Peter K. Johnson
Neal's right. He's off his nut.
Geoffrey A. Landis
I bump into Mr. Landis all the time on newsgroups such as He's works fulltime at the NASA Lewis Research Center, but moonlights as a science fiction author. I like him even after he corrects my mistakes on the newsgroup.
Paton J. Lewis
I worked with Pat for a long time before I realized that we shared so many common intellectual interests.
Joel Moses
Christopher Neufeld
What can you say about Harrison? BUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Harrison Page
Anders Sandberg
I've had many mutually profitable exchanges with Mr. Sanders on Usenet, most particularly in (well guess)
Mick Schott
This guy collects all kinds of weird stuff. I'm a packrat too, but good lord.
J.R. Stockton
Here's another one of those guys I bump into on Usenet all the time.
Emma Story
I met Emma over IRC. No, I don't even read her Web log.
Neal Tucker
Neal is a big fan of pumpkins.
Richard Treitel
This is another guy I bump into all the time on
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