Let me know

Let me know.
After the year or so that we've known each other
We've learned some things about each other
Learned what we liked and what we didn't
Done some funny things
Smiled together and laughed together
And maybe cried a little too
And after all that time
I think that I know you well
Well enough to say that I like what I know
And I know what I like
And that I want to know more about you
And lately I've come to realize
That when you're near I feel warm
Knowing that in our friendship I can trust
And now when I see your face
I see something that I haven't seen before
Something I want to be near as much as I can
And something I can confide in
I think of you when I'm getting ready for bed
At the end of the day
When worries are both ahead and behind
When my mind is drifting off into fantasy
And then into silence
And I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that
I know that we're friends
And I know that we'll be there for each other
But lately I've been thinking
How wonderful it would feel to be alone with you
And how wonderful it would be
To hold you in my arms and whisper in your ear
And for you to whisper in mine
And maybe feel the warmth of your cheek
In the past whenever I've decided that I like someone
I would think of nothing else
Obsess and abscess
And then scare her away
But this time around I've decided that's not the way
It is of course your choice
And if you want me to silence my thoughts
Then I will
But if you by any chance feel the same
Let me know

1990 May 23

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