New Year's Eve, 1995

New Year's Eve, 1995.
All but quiet
Except my thoughts

My thoughts do not pause In their fantastic imagination I think of times past, Lives lived

Six years ago, I remember My tears on a shoulder And how easily they were cleaned up

But that's the way it goes

I thought of so many things Things I promised, things I didn't I imagined that I'd stay forever by her side But I didn't

And six years ago, I remember How she said she'd stay by my side And how she left

I remember, six years ago All my unhappiness spilled onto her clothes But I recovered

I thought of you often But times change, and lovers part Or at least certain parts

And I still think of you Poised at the edge of memory Asking

All the things I've done And all the music I've composed And all the poems I've written Are meaningless when it comes to you

Your eyes are hard I wonder how I ever survived And I wonder how she did too

Times have changed, and lovers have parted But we haven't After all this time It seems like we're still together

Life goes on, and so do I Whether I want it to or not And I think I definitely do

History isn't so bad Being remembered has its drawbacks But I've been called uglier things

But your skin, your face I remember the way you felt The way you loved

And I remember

A necklace That is six years old And it is as strong as ever

And the young lady Who said, I love you

I knew it was for real But I was wrong And that's the way it goes

I came into this world With no promises (And no regrets)

And whether I like it or not I've got to live with my past But I'm not sure If I like that or not

And all I can say is I'm sorry

1990 October 2

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