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Alcyone Birthdays is a public, free, non-commercial service set up by Alcyone Systems for people who wish to receive birthday wishes.

Alcyone Birthdays is a voluntary effort. We do not spam, and we will freely honor any and all requests to be added or removed. We also value your privacy; your email address will not be transmitted to any third parties under any circumstances. We do not make our database of birthdays available to anyone else.

If you would like to be added to Alcyone Birthdays, just fill out the following form. If you'd like to add a friend, be sure that he or she wouldn't mind receiving unexpected birthday greetings by email!

Your email address:
Your birthday:
Your name:
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Is this an update or correction?

To be removed from the Alcyone Birthdays database, fill out the brief form below. If you received a birthday greeting, you also simply reply to the email with the word remove in the subject. After receiving your remove request, you will not receive any further email from Alcyone Birthdays (not even a confirmation note).

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If you'd like to leave us some comments, please use the following form. If you're interested in a response, be sure to include your email address.

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Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about Alcyone Birthdays:

Where did you get my email address?
At some point you, or someone who knows you, submitted your email address and birth date.

I want you to remove my name!
If you wish to be removed from our databases, either fill out the middle form to the left and click "Remove me," or just reply to the email you received and place the word remove in the subject. You will receive no more email from us.

The birthday notice got sent to the wrong person/email address!
If you received a birthday greeting email in error and wish to be removed from Alcyone Birthdays entirely, by all means submit a request to remove your name and we will be glad to honor it. If, on the other hand, you'd like to correct it, just fill out the "add" form to the left, and click the button marking it a correction.

I'm very angry because of your mail!
We're sorry, and we'll be more than happy to remove your name from our databases. For those that are still not satisfied, please keep in mind that:

  1. All mail is sent only to people that were submitted to Alcyone Birthdays in good faith.
  2. We do not transmit your email address or birth date to third parties.
  3. The message sent is not at all commercial (in fact, we have nothing to sell you).
  4. The message sent out is filter friendly (no To header; Precendence set to bulk).
  5. We immediately and faithfully honor any remove (or update) requests.

For the record, we get very few complaints.

So this is an automated service?
The birthday note is obviously written by a person, but it's an automated script that sends out the greetings nightly.

If I send feedback or reply to the email greeting, will someone read my message?
All mail received by Alcyone Birthdays will be read by a person. Unfortunately, due to the volume of email we get, we cannot personally respond to every message, but you can be assured that it will be read.

I have another question ...
By all means, feel free to contact us.

How long has Alcyone Birthdays been running?
It's been running every night since 1997 July 9.

How many people are in the Alcyone Birthdays database?
At present there are over 50 000 people included in the Alcyone Birthdays nightly emails.

Can I have a copy of your database?
Sorry, due to our privacy policy, we do not give out our users' email addresses under any circumstances.


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