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Erik Max Francis
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The homepage of Erik Max Francis, available on the Web since 1995.
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Erik Max Francis' resume: Unix/Linux developer located in San Jose, CA, USA.
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An astrophysical and orbital mechanics calculator.
A generic and fairly complete cellular automata simulation engine.
A chess move adjudicator written entirely in Python.
U Church
A simple but full-featured module for exploring lambda calculus.
D discord
A Python module for converting dates from Gregorian to Discordian.
E EmPy
A powerful and robust templating system for Python.
I Io major mode
An emacs major mode for the programming language Io.
F fauxident
A simple, faked ident daemon.
L lsystem
A Lindenmayer system explorer module.
Configurable unique ID generation.
A trivial OpenGL rendering engine written entirely in Python.
Affiliated sites
7 7 sisters productions
Web design for the future. Featuring an extensive list of elements of good Web design.
B blackgirl international
The Internet resource for black women -- for black women who love themselves and those who love them.
A personal guide to first person shooters.
C CatCam
What do your pets do while you're at work? Watch two cats go about their daily business.
The best Web sites on hard science and mathematics that the Web has to offer.
K Crank Dot Net
Cranks, crackpots, kooks, & loons on the net. Devoted to presenting Web sites by and about cranks and crankism. All cranks, all the time.
Your guide to losers on the Internet. You've seen them on the street. You've seen them in the office. You've seen them at family reunions. Now they're on the Internet.
P Polly Wanna Cracka?
The Internet resource for interracial relationships. Presenting quality Web sites about interracial, multiracial, and multicultural families, relationships, organizations, and topics.
R REALpolitik
Real feeds, real news, real time -- get your own customized newsfeed online in realtime ... for free!
S sade deluxe
No ordinary Web site: The ultimate Sade encyclopedia.
a Alcyone
A Web page detailing all information known about the star Alcyone.
b Birthdays
An automated daily birthday greeting system.
d Daily Planet
A new virtual planet, every day. Generated by ppmforge, a part of the netpbm set of utilities.
p Pleiades
A map of and information about the Pleiades and its constituent stars.
a Arcana Arcanorum
o oo
x Eleventh Hour


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