Artificial life links
Links to artificial life and related pages I've found.

Here are some artificial life links that I've collected.

Artificial life


International Society of Artificial Life newsgroup
comp.theory.dynamic-sys newsgroup
Virtual ALife Library
Open Directory - Computers: Artificial Life
A Learning ApproachtoPersonalized Information Filtering (ResearchIndex)
The Artificial Life Programming Paradigm
Content Model Algebra
"Evolution of Machines" (H. Lipson, J.B. Pollack)
Harrison's Artificial Life - The Digital Biology Project
Implementation of the John von Neumann Universal Constructor
Ants'2000 Home
Lotus Artificial Life: Links
Artificial Life, Inc. - Intro Page FAQ
Open Directory - Computers: Artificial Life HQ
Artificial Life
Stewart Dean's Guide to Artificial Life
Welcome to the Principia Cybernetica Web
Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
AI Lib/Dreaming Machines
Complexity and Artificial Life/Alife Research, information and links compiled by CALResCo
Intelligent Living Systems, Brandeis Complex Systems
sci.nonlinear FAQ
Craig W. Reynolds' artificial life links
Characters, improvisation, and ...
Artificial life library
GeNeura team: alife web page
CURRICULA: Syllabus suggestions for courses on Artificial Life
Macintosh artificial life software
Recent Usenet announcements archive
Complex Adaptive Systems and Artificial Life
Artificial life syllabus
Santa Fe Institute: Research
Alife Bibliography
C.O.P.P. Software Home Page
Artificial life links to explore
"Artificial-Life Simulators and Their Applications" (H. Gutowitz)
CALResCo Complexity & Artificial Life Index Page
The Mainz, Germany Nonlinear Dynamics Bibliography
Christopher Busch's Homepage
The ImageSpace Homepage
[ spe┬Ěcies ]
NetLogo Home Page


comp.theory.self-org-sys newsgroup
comp.theory.self-org-sys FAQ
The Artificial Self-Replication Page (Moshe Sipper)


Quaternion Julia Fractals
XaoS: Realtime fractal zoomer
Fractint Homepage

Cellular automata

Conway's Game of Life

Metacatacryst: An Exploration
Conway's Game of Life
Chris Newsby's 3D-Life
Life Lexicon Home Page
Spaceships in Conway's Game of Life
Gliders in "Life"-Like Cellular Automata
Life Lexicon Home Page
Life patterns
Game of Life Simulator
Most seen natural occuring ash objects in Game of Life
Golly Game of Life Home Page

A New Kind of Science

American Scientist - Computing Science
Stephen Wolfram's Science
The New York Review of Books: Is the Universe a Computer?
Review of "A New Kind of Science"
Notes on "A New Kind of Science"
Stephen Wolfram's Science Wolfram Introduces "A New Kind of Scientology"
A New Kind of Science Humor
Reviews for A New Kind of Science, Etc...
Read This: A New Kind of Science
Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science | Online
Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science--Book Summary
An implementation of Conway's Game of Life
Cellular Automata
GGGG's a Great Grid Generator
Cancer and Wisdom of the Body: Cellular Automata
Cellular Automata FAQ
Open Directory - Computers: Artificial Life: Cellular Automata
Cellular Automata
Cellular Automata FAQ - Software and Hardware
Cellular Automata Gallery
Cellular Automata rules lexicon
cellMachine - networked CA music systems
Cellular Automata - Optimisation
Cellular Automata neighbourhood survey
Cellular Automata: Replicators
Cellular Automata
3D Cellular Automata
Lotus Artificial Life - Revoworms
Gliders in "Life"-Like Cellular Automata
Linear Cellular Automata
Self-Replication on a Chessboard
Isle Ex: Transmusic: CA Music: Cyclic CA
Software for CA
Hexagonal Engineering
Lotus Artificial Life - Crystal 2D - template-based self replication
Crystal 1D -- template-based self replication
Owen's Life Page
Cellular Automata files formats
Automata whose inverses have unboundedly large neighbourhoods
Lotus Artificial Life - HAL
Lotus Artificial Life - Reversible Cellular Automata
MCell Home Page: Cellular Automata Gallery
Example Cellular Programs
Langton's Ant Software
Games of Proto-Life in Masked Cellular Automata (MCA)
Quantum Automata and Quantum Grammars
Frequently Asked Questions About Cellular Automata
The Cellular Automata Simulation System
Java CA Applet
Evolving Cellular Automata
Lattice Gas Automaton Movies
Papers (Moshe Sipper)
Cellular Automata Dynamics
comp.theory.cell-automata newsgroup

Lindenmayer systems (L-systems)

Lindenmayer Systems: Tutorials
An Introduction to Lindenmayer Systems
Lindenmayer Systems
Open Directory - Computers: Artificial Life: Lindenmayer Systems
LMUSe: LSystems to Music
Artificial Life Portal: - L-systems: a turtle draws plants
L-system Explorer
Explore Self Generating and Interactive Patterns!
L-systems tutorial
Laurens Lapre's Lparser
L-systems Software

Finite state machines & Turing machines

Generalized Ants
Implementation of the John von Neumann Universal Constructor
Langton and Vants
Rudy Rucker's Boppers Artificial Life Lab

Artificial chemistries

The Flask
Self Replicating Machines
JohnnyVon | About
Organic Builder

Artificial societies

Ant colony optimization
Individual-Based Models
Nation Builder Home Page
Project for the Simulation of Social Behavior
Computer simulation of societies: Home Page
Journal of Artifical Societies and Social Simulation
Special Interest Goup on Agent Based Social Simulation

Evolutionary learning

Welcome to ENCORE!
"The Artificial Evolution of Adaptive Behaviour" (I. Harvey)
Biological Modeling and Visualization

Artificial life games

Core War

Evolved Core-Warriors
Core War
Open Directory - Games: Video Games: Simulation: Programming Games: Core War
Creature Labs
ANNEvolve :: Evolution of Artificial Neural Networks
Robots Homepage
Bot Planet Home Page
Project von Neumann
PacLife project
Cyberlife Welcome Mat
Live Artificial Life
Artificial Painter
Ant Wars

Simulations & systems

Karl Sims

GenArts, Inc.
Evolved Virtual Creatures
Evolutionary Computation
Galapagos Interactive Exhibit - Karl Sims Retrospective EVO
The world's largest development and download repository of Open Source code and applications


Thomas S. Ray
Tierra home page
Noble Ape Simulation
DarwinBots home page
Typogenetics - Computer Science Honours Project, 1999
Marsette Vona: The Crystalline Atomic Unit Modular Self-reconfigurable Robot
Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters
the bionic brothers
ISAAC/EINSTein: An Artificial-Life Approach to Land Combat
Traffic Waves, physics for bored commuters
ROG-O-MATIC: A Belligerent Expert System
Co-Evolutionary Robot Soccer Show
Jeffrey Ventrella
A Simulation Environment for Continuous Virtual Multi-Agent Systems User Manual
Navigational overview
Road Traffic Modeling
Primordial Life 3.1
The Digital Life Lab at Caltech
Emergence of Collective Behavior
Evolution of a Spaceship

Genetic algorithms & genetic programming

Stack-based genetic programming

Stack-Based Genetic Programming - Perkis (ResearchIndex)
Strongly Typed Genetic Programming - Montana (ResearchIndex)
Push, PushGP, and Pushpop
Push 3.0 Programming Language Description
Lee Spector: Code
Java Push Genetic Programming
Open Directory - Computers: Artificial Intelligence: Genetic Programming
Frequently Asked Questions about Programmable Logic, FPGAs, and CPLDs
OOmadness: Genetic
GA-List GA Archive Mailing list searchable database
The EGG Algorithm
Gene Expression Programming
Karl Sims home page
Genetic Images Interactive Exhibit
New Scientist: Creatures from primordial silicon
Evolutionary Structured Programming newsgroup FAQ
Genetic Programming Notebook
Genetic Programming
Artificial life and genetic algorithms

Artificial intelligence


Cycorp, Inc. (CYC)
Cyc report

Automatic theorem provers

Metamath Home Page


Racter FAQ
An expose of the Racter speech engine
The A. L. I. C. E. Artificial Intelligence Foundation - chatbot - chat bot - chatterbots - verbots - natural language - chatterbot - bot - chat robot - chat bots - AIML
imhoFAQ timeline of knowledge-representation
MNIST handwritten digit database, Yann LeCun, AT&T Labs
TextCat Language Guesser Demo
ML in Games Bibliography
"Computing machinery and intelligence" (A.M. Turing)
Mechanized Reasoning Systems
The BRICO Ontology
Learning Classifier Systems
Artificial Intelligence Resources
Juergen Schmidhuber's online publications
Shumeet Baluja's Homepage
Machine learning in games
Aritificial Intelligence in Games
A compendium of NP optimization problems
START Information System
AIML - The Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
AIForge: The Programming Game Directory
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