And I wonder

And I wonder.
It gets lonely sometimes
There's another
And she's wonderful
More than I'd ever want
But sometimes I think of the way things could have been

And I wonder

What it would have been been like Me and you, together at last I'm not sure it would have worked out In the end Years go by, and people change And we changed enough in the time that we knew each other

And I wonder

I wonder what you think Everyday before you go to work In the morning When people everywhere wake up And notice that there's another day Another day to fight and push against the tides of time

And I wonder

I wonder what you think When you get to bed In the middle of the night I wonder what there is that gets you to sleep Or what it is that keeps you from sleeping

We've experienced pain And I'm not suggesting that we haven't If we think we can be happy and think that nothing's ever happened We're both kidding ourselves But sometimes I wonder I wonder what it would be like But my wondering is enough -- and as far as I dare go

There's another She's beautiful And she treats me just right I wonder if you can respect that I wonder if you can understand the love that I feel for her And the love that I feel for you Even though they're different kinds of love

Love is an important thing But so is knowing when something's wrong I know that it wouldn't work out And that's why it's over And I'm sorry But there's nothing I can do about that now

There's another She's beautiful And she treats me just right I don't know if this is what you want to hear Or exactly the opposite of what you want to hear But it's the truth

There's another And I love her She's just what I need And I'm sorry if that wasn't what you wanted to hear But it's true And we might as well both face the fact

And I wonder

If you still think about me When you're alone in bed

And I wonder

If you still think about her When you're thinking about me

1991 January 12

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