Everything she does

Everything she does.
She walks
And when she walks I stop
Just to watch
The lightness of foot,
The meaning of the step

She walks And everyone stops To watch her walk Her legs represent something No words could ever describe Something no drawing could ever depict And something I would never try To deny

She talks And I listen And I do nothing but listen To the music in her voice, The rhythm to her words What the words mean are trivial Compared to her But what she means is nothing But trivial

She talks And you're hypnotized A talk on the phone would make you Fall in love and worship her every move And if you saw her You'd give your life away

She feels Oh, how she feels And she feels for me Of all people in the world She feels for me I never thought such a thing could happen But seeing her And seeing her seeing me I know

Everything she does Comes back to me And everything I do Starts with her How I could have carried on without her Is beyond me And now we carry on Together

1990 October 13

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