Finding someone

Finding someone.
It was a long time ago
Do you remember it? I do
We met over the phone
Idle chatting and minor conversation
And then we met
I thought you were beautiful
I don't know what you thought of me
But we hit it off from the start
Your madness fitting nicely with my own
We talked a lot
We exchanged a few soft kisses
And then you had to go away to school
I wasn't about to stop you
I wish I could have gone somewhere too
If only to get away
But the Fates had different designs for me
And so here we are, years later
You finishing school
Ready to head out into the world
And me
Who never really started
And who's already out in the world
But near the bottom
I don't know what luck you're having
Finding someone
But I know that I'm still looking
And still wondering
What it would be like
With you

1992 December 2

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