The heat death of the universe

The heat death of the universe.
I dropped a porcelain plate on the hardwood floor
I felt silly as I watched it fall
Not quick enough to snatch the plate
But quick enough to watch it fall
And so down it went . . . and crashed on the floor
Shattering into a thousand lost fragments
A silly thing to do
Disorder wins again

There's a masked figure lurking in the shadows Neither male nor female Neither human nor inhuman Who watches over everything we do Keeps tabs over the whole game Tallies each little broken plate And every little flow of heat Who grins an evil grin . . . and grows stronger

The decision was made; no way to back down She regretted it, of course But we all have to live with our mistakes There's no going back to a state of higher order You can't climb that wall The clock ticks, the chances run slim And every mistake runs the meter a little higher Eventually there's no room left to move

Sooner or later, we'll have to band together All creatures from all walks of life From all corners of the globe and from all globes To fight a final battle Against the greatest enemy of all And its name is Entropy

1993 August 5

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