In her rocking chair

In her rocking chair.
She sits quietly in her rocking chair
The sounds of birds sing quietly outside
Memories of children, now all grown
And a loving husband who had to say good-bye

She watches the cracks in the walls And plays with the dust on the window She plays solitaire, over and over And never quite seems to be able to win

Her arthritis is worse, and her eyes are weak Her knees ache when she tries to stand And her back won't hold her quite upright The doctor can only say, "There's nothing I can do"

Eighty-six years is a long time to live Enough for her to have had a good life With plenty of happiness and lots of love For her and everyone that was close to her

She remembers the day her mother passed away Her father had died a few years before She could never quite get over that morning And she was always sad that she never said good-bye

She idly wonders what her children will think When that same day will come for them, soon "What will they say about me?" she wonders Staring at the tree she planted when she was young

Now a strong, young tree, with plentiful fruit She feels strong as well, and a little sad too Time is running out, and she knows She knows that what the doctor had said is true

And she could never quite get over that morning And she was always sad that she never said good-bye It's too late to say good-bye

1990 March 9

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