We met, years ago
In the heat of an August morning
Her eyes deep and dark and wide
And full of warmth
I looked into them --
And slipped a little
Witty and sweet and pretty --
What a wonderful person to be with
And when we kissed
I felt contentment
But then, without warning, she went away

A little while for the heart to heal A little sadness, a few tears But nothing I hadn't dealt with before And nothing I wouldn't deal with again

But then we met again A brisk March day She came by to visit -- Back from a long trip With stories to tell And experiences to share I must admit that I was a little shocked When she remembered me She said sweet things That made me smile And I felt hope and longing And I lost my footing But then she went away again

Longer to heal this time But I survived -- I had no choice What else was there to do Except move on

But quite recently I had gotten to thinking About possibilities The politics of what might have been What if -- The most dangerous of all thoughts Idle thinking about times Past and gone So I got to wondering What if she had stayed And I got to thinking About our life together -- That wasn't A couple growing up and growing old together And laughing and loving With fond memories to look back on But not for me And then a friend calls with news -- Guess who's in town?

And so now, on a cold November day We stand face to face I say nice things about you And you quickly say nice things about me You have to leave in the morning Well, this time I know it I had forgotten how I had felt And I wonder if you have someone Back wherever it is that you have to go What we had lasted Only a few moments But I've fallen -- I know it All I can think to myself As I look into those big brown eyes Is I shouldn't have come -- I shouldn't have come All those feelings All those possibilities So I gave you a book Filled with the pages from my heart And then you went away

And now I know That this time I will never see you again And now my heart knows That you were the one

1992 November 30

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