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A simple module for converting dates from Gregorian to Discordian.


This is a very simple module which allows for conversion from normal dates (via time.time, time.localtime, etc.) to Discordian dates (a silly made-up dating system that divides a year into five seasons of 73 days each). The module can either be used as a standalone command line application (which prints the current date in Discordian form) or as a extension module.

Getting the software

The current version of discord is 1.0.1.

The latest version of the software is available in a tarball here:

The official URL for this Web site is


This module requires Python 2.0 or greater.


This code is released under the GPL.


The program can be run from the command line with simply:


which will print the current date. When used as a module, the discord.discord function takes a 9-tuple of data representing the time (as returned by time.localtime, etc.) and returns a 5-tuple representing the Discordian date (the date only). The five elements of the returned tuple are:

The current Discordian year.
The Discordian season, indexing from 0.
The day of the current season, indexing from 1.
The current Discordian weekday, indexing from 0.
A Boolean flag indicating whether or not today is Tib's Day (corresponding to Leap Day in the Gregorian calendar).

The discord.string function takes one of these 5-tuples and returns it as a string representation.

Release history

  • 1.0.1; 2006 Jul 7. Fix reporting of St. Tib's Day.

  • 1.0; 2003 Mar 18. Initial release.


This module was written by Erik Max Francis. If you use this software, have suggestions for future releases, or bug reports, I'd love to hear about it.


Version 1.0.1 $Date: 2006/07/07 $ $Author: max $

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A module for doing Gregorian -> Discordian date conversions.

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